Cell Charge Basic

Cell Charge Touchtone Basic Processing

CellCharge basic program is the most affordable way for low volume merchants to accept credit cards. CellCharge does not require the purchase of any additional equipment to begin processing and best of all there is no contract, you can cancel or upgrade to a terminal at any time.

  • Zero setup fee (includes a manual imprinter kit)
  •  $8.99 monthly fee or the merchant can cancel the account
  • 3.85% of each transaction

Lowest Total Bill

When you add all the processing fees together, the result with Cell Charge is a lower overall monthly cost for the transactions processed. The one-rate plan is simple to understand: 3.85% per transaction plus a low $8.99 monthly access fee; that’s it! There are no statement fees, monthly minimums, equipment lease fees, or termination fees. The real cost of a merchant account is the total amount that you spend to process transactions, not merely the rate that is quoted.

No expensive equipment to buy, simply use your existing phone

To process a credit card you simply pickup any phone (cell, touchtone, even a payphone) and dial a toll free number and key into the key pad of the phone the pertinent card information that our computer system asked for. You will never vocally broadcast customer’s card information it is always keyed into the keypad of the phone. The “new merchant” package includes a manual imprinter, a package of sales drafts and a merchant I.D. plate with your business name and phone number.

No long-term contract

Other programs enter you into a multi-year contract and require a cancellation fee to end early. Cell Charge doesn’t do this! You can cancel anytime at no cost.

Simplicity-A single rate

Our rates do not vary. All of our Merchants receive this special, low 3.85% discount rate, and $8.99 monthly access fee. Quick, Easy, No Cost Set-Up Cell Charge can have you taking credit cards within 48-hours of submitting your application.

Add Virtual Terminal to CellCharge

You can now add the VT to your existing CellCharge program for the ultimate merchant account. A fast and easy to use phone based service for when you are face-to-face with your customers and the virtual terminal for processing your online transactions all for only $5.99 more a month. See Virtual Terminal for more information.

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