CellCharge Internet/PC

The Virtual Terminal provides 24 hour access to secure, reliable, and cost-effective payment processing through the internet. It enables merchants to securely process credit card transactions online, from any computer. There is no software that needs to be purchased or installed on your computer and since your customers card information is entered into our banks computers, there is no card information is left on your computer for prying eyes to see.

  • Zero setup fee (optional MRS/card reader for lower swiped rates $89.00)
  • $14.99 a month (includes built in shopping cart for online sales via your website)
  • 1.69% qualified swiped rate* (MSR/card reader required)
  • 2.69% qualified keyed rate

The VT provides one time and recurring payment processing options (perfect for membership dues or storage facilities), auto close (or batch close notifications to prevent penalty fees), sales reports, and immediate response for quick customer approvals.

For merchants who sell products online, we offer a free shopping cart along with our VT that allows customers to purchase directly through your website and we are also compatible with a vast majority of the aftermarket shopping carts available on the web. We can also seamlessly integrate our CellCharge phone based program with the VT so you can use your phone to process transactions when you are face to face and the VT taking your orders from your online customers all for one low fee. Contact us at 866-735-5292 for more information.

Test Drive the Virtual Terminal!

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Virtual Terminal ID:301247970853

User ID: 301247970853

Password: cellcharge2011


*Important Disclosures