Why use CellCharge?

Basic Credit Card Processing – Why You Need Cell Charge Credit Card Processing?

Cell Charge is a full suite provider of merchant services from traditional credit card processing using swipe terminals to its internet merchant processing and ability to set up a shopping cart for credit card transactions, we have it all. Whatever your merchant account needs, we can help.

Our most popular method to set up merchant accounts for businesses is our CellCharge phone based service that enables merchants to process credit cards over the phone from Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime without the need to buy or lease any equipment. You will discover substantial savings can be made by this one feature alone. Saving money in running a business should be your top priority, and we can help.

For convenience we offer two different phone based programs. A special bundled rate program (CellCharge basic) and a traditional or unbundled rate program (CellCharge VIP), for our higher volume merchants.

CellCharge Basic – Our bundled rate program is designed specifically for startup businesses, small businesses and/or low volume merchants (under $2500 a month in credit card volume). The cost of the bundled program is $9.99 a month and then a flat or bundled rate of 3.85% of each transaction. What a flat or bundled rate means is that we have taken all of the hidden fees and miscellaneous fees and wrapped them into the percentage rate. No more surprises with fluctuating rates each month. No more separate charges for your monthly minimums, statement fees, per transaction fees, batch fees, annual renewal fees, cancellation fees, etc. So although our rates can seem higher initially than other companies, with CellCharge there are ZERO other fees associated with the transaction. You will appreciate knowing each month exactly what your bill will be so you can budget accordingly.

CellCharge VIP – Our unbundled rate program was designed for our higher volume merchants (over $2,500.00 a month in credit card volume). With our unbundled program rates start at 2.35% + $0.25 per transaction, the monthly fee is $14.99 and there is a $20.00 monthly minimum (this is the reason that you need to be processing $2,500.00 or more to justify this program) Merchants who process higher volume will save money due to the lower transaction rates.

Why CellCharge for Your Credit Card Processing Needs?
Here’s why! Because CellCharge provides all types of business, large and small with the ability to process credit card transactions through a variety of programs at affordable rates.

5 Ways You Will Save With Your Credit Card Processing Fees With CellCharge:

Lowest Overall Bill (Not lowest rate)

Do you want a low rate or a low total bill? It turns out that the CellCharge plan is much lower overall than those so called low rate plans. These “low rate” plans only cost less when you start processing more than a few thousand dollars every month and you are “swiping” the card through an electronic swipe terminal. The real cost or EFFECTIVE RATE of a merchant account is the total amount that you spend to process transactions, not merely the rate that is quoted. To figure out your “Effective Rate” add up all of the fees deducted for the statement period and divide by the total dollar amount processed.

The CellCharge one-rate plan is simple to understand: 3.85%* per transaction plus a low $9.99* monthly access fee; that’s it!

No Expensive Equipment to Buy or Lease. Just Use Your Exisiting Phone

Since your phone is the only equipment necessary to process transactions, you do not need to buy or lease anything else. The high upfront cost of purchasing credit card processing equipment is eliminated. For a low one-time payment of $99 you receive a manual imprinter kit, which provides everything you need to provide receipts for you customers and protect yourself from charge backs.

No Long Term Contract

Other companies lock you into contracts that can last years. CellCharge does not. Use CellCharge when you need it. Cancel when you don’t. It’s that simple.

Simplicity- One Low Rate

No hidden charges, no downgrades for transactions. Our rates do not vary. All our merchants pay 3.85%, no surprises.

Quick, Easy, Low Cost Set-up

CellCharge can typically have you taking credit cards within 2 business days of submitting your application. There is a one-time $99 set-up fee and after you fill out our secure online Merchant application, you should be able to process credit cards in just a few days.


* Competitor pricing is a calculated average of the three leading credit card merchant service providers in the United States; located in Atlanta, GA, Alpharetta, GA, and Denver, CO. This data is based on quotes provided for a potential merchant requesting processing of $1,000 a month in VISA ™ and MasterCard ™ August 1, 2005. Rates are for new merchants only.
Studies have shown that by simply accepting credit cards, business owners can expect as much as a 50% increase in business in the first year. This is possible because customers who pay for products and services with a credit card spend on average 3.5 times more than cash only customers. Start getting your share today!